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Jack Baldwin – Director

Jack is responsible for the day to day activities of Baldwin Building Services. Having achieved a position on the Board of Directors of a major UK retail chain, Jack decided he wanted to be more in control of his future and the standard of service/product he was providing in his business.

Having always had a keen interest in all things practical, he spent many years developing his building skills, some of this coming from practical experience working on the family properties and some through ongoing education, some formal and some non formal. Jack cannot understand why so many individuals both within the building industry and customers seem happy to accept such low service standards. He demands high standards from all those working with him, both staff and any approved contractors that he employs.

Jack has been responsible for winning many repeat and referral contracts based on his unflinching desire to ensure Baldwin Building Services applies the principles of excellent service and value for money that the company was built on.

Our Promise

BBS was borne a combination of both frustration and necessity. After 25 years in the property rental business, We, Stuart and Gillian Baldwin decided enough was enough when it came to finding reliable trades people to maintain and develop the properties in our portfolio. The aim was a simple one, bring “in house” the work of maintaining, developing and improving the properties we were renting out. With the help of our eldest son Jack, Baldwin Building Services was created.

Initially the business concentrated exclusively on our own properties. This left spare capacity which we quickly decided could generate a whole new business opportunity by providing a service to those who felt the same frustrations as we did. When deciding to offer the service of BBS to others we based our business on a simple set of standards based on the principle that “Everything Counts”:

Provide a quality of service that is recognized and respected by all.
Call customers back when we say we will call them back.
Accurately identify exactly what work is needed when asked to quote.
Clearly explain what work is needed to the customer and ensure the customer fully understands the complexities.
Price the work in a transparent and realistic manner, not just to win the business.
Arrive on site when we say we will arrive on site.
Finish what we start.
Respect the property of our customers and always clean up after ourselves.
Total customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Quality and Value for Money

Baldwin Building Services will NEVER compete for business on price alone but will ALWAYS compete on Quality and Value for Money, it’s as simple as that.

If you need work done, from simple routine property maintenance up to a full property development or refurbishment why not give us a call. All quotations are done on a no obligation basis and the quotation provided in writing.

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