Baldwin Building Services took on the task of refurbishing traditional sash windows in a property. This project involved addressing the unique challenges of accessing the property and working within the specific restrictions associated with protected features.

One of the primary challenges we encountered was ensuring proper access to the property. We carefully planned and executed the logistics, considering factors such as location, surrounding structures, and site limitations. Our experienced team worked diligently to ensure a safe and efficient approach, allowing us to carry out the window refurbishment effectively.

In addition, the property’s protected features presented specific restrictions that needed to be adhered to. We meticulously studied the regulations and guidelines pertaining to the preservation of these features. Our team employed their expertise in refurbishing traditional sash windows while ensuring compliance with the restrictions imposed by the property’s protected status. The result was a successful restoration that retained the charm and character of the original windows while improving their functionality and energy efficiency.

Baldwin Building Services takes pride in overcoming challenges and delivering exceptional results in projects like the refurbishment of traditional sash windows. Our attention to detail, adherence to regulations, and commitment to client satisfaction enable us to breathe new life into historic features while preserving their integrity.