Baldwin Building Services took on the ambitious task of converting a three-floor office space into a fully functional facility for Lancaster District Homeless Shelter. This conversion aimed to provide a complete range of services to support the homeless community in Lancaster. The project involved creating a commercial kitchen, multiple offices, a wet room, a laundry room, and a medical centre.

The project presented its own set of challenges, primarily due to building limitations. To ensure the final result was fit for purpose and complied with relevant building regulations, our team worked closely with the architect. We paid meticulous attention to design layouts, addressing the specific requirements of the shelter and maximising the available space. The goal was to create a facility that not only met functional needs but also exuded aesthetic appeal.

In addition to architectural considerations, the timely release of funds to the charity necessitated strict adherence to the construction schedule. Our team demonstrated excellent project management skills, ensuring that each phase of the project progressed smoothly and on time. This commitment to schedule adherence allowed the charity to allocate resources efficiently and expedite their important work in serving the homeless community.

The Aalborg Place project serves as a testament to our ability to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional results. By collaborating closely with the architect and applying our expertise in design, construction, and compliance, we have created a comprehensive facility that meets the needs of the Lancaster District Homeless Shelter. Baldwin Building Services takes great pride in our contribution to projects that positively impact the lives of those in need, and we are honoured to have played a part in supporting the Lancaster homeless community through this transformative endeavour.